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Individualised & Sports Physiotherapy in Croydon

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats and works to prevent disease, disability, health conditions and movement disorders. Firstly, their aim is to provide treatment for people suffering from physical problems. These problems may arise from injury, disease, illness and ageing. Consequently, they can assist improve a person’s quality of life be alleviating pain and restoring function.

Physiotherapy can benefit people from all walks of life. Whether you’re an athlete who requires sports physiotherapy, a weekend warrior, office worker or a household CEO, getting specialised muscle treatment can help identify and treat your aches and pains.

Muscle Pain? Sports Injury? What to Expect on Your First Visit

Firstly, your Physiotherapist must determine the cause of your pain and any associated factors by completing a thorough examination. Therefore, the examination will include the area of your injury and any related body parts. Examinations may include muscle testing, range of motion testing, postural analysis and orthopedic and neurological testing.

Imaging is not always required. However, if your Physiotherapist believes it is necessary, imaging may be requested. Our team of professional therapists at F.I.T Healthcare in Croydon utilise a comprehensive knowledge of muscular pain to identify the causes of aches to ensure you get the physiotherapy you need to get your muscles performing at their best again. We will then issue our patients with an individualised care plan to guide them through their rehabilitation.


physiotherapy treatment

Treatment for your condition will be started on your very first visit to ensure you get on top of the issue as soon as possible.

Techniques which our Physiotherapists incorporate into treatments include:

  • Soft Tissue Releases
  • Gentle joint mobilizations
  • Exercise therapy
  • Taping procedures
  • Lifestyle advice


Your Physiotherapist will tailor each person’s treatment based on their specific needs. Therefore you will receive an individualized care plan based on your needs and condition.

Rehabilitation is a large component of Physiotherapy treatment. As a result, a comprehensive rehab plan will be completed to aid in your recovery and compliment your treatment plan.

Whether you sustained an injury from the weekend match and need sports physiotherapy, in pain from sitting at work all day or require post surgery rehabilitation, our team of professionals can help get you back in shape at F.I.T Healthcare in Croydon.
Have a look at some common issues that we can help you withhere

Have a look at some common issues that we can help you with here.

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